Member Newsletter Policies

The purpose of the WriterHouse member e-newsletter is to inform members of events within the WriterHouse community and, to a limited extent, writing and literature-related events in the local area. In order to maintain a reasonable, readable length for the newsletter, there will be some restrictions on non-WriterHouse events and news. These are as follows:

  1. All local events, fundraisers, workshops, etc. must be held by or for the benefit of non-profit organizations. No products or services of individuals or businesses of a profit-making nature will be publicized, with the exception of one-time mention of members' newly- published books or articles or other service as listed in number 2 and 3 below.

  2. Any member who has published a book or journal article within six months of becoming a member or at any time during membership may have his or her book publicized once in the newsletter at or near the time of publication. In addition, WriterHouse will add the book to our Amazon bookstore.

  3. Any member who is offering a writing-related class, retreat, or other activity outside of WriterHouse may have a one-time mention in the newsletter.

  4. The newsletter will not publicize ongoing writing classes at universities, community colleges or extension programs, except in such cases where WriterHouse has made a specific agreement with the institution to do so in exchange for some reciprocal consideration.
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