Past Instructors

Sarah Collings HonenbergerSarah Collins Honenberger will be teaching A Time to Write on Monday evenings.

Is there a particular book, essay, or poem that made you want to write?

My grandmother read poems out loud to us as children in her 1710 house in Massachusetts, four walls of built-in bookshelves and the Atlantic Ocean out the window. Writing always seemed like a romantic life to me. But one book? Probably Cynthia Voigt's Darcy's Song made me aspire to write seriously about ordinary people with problems

What's the number one thing that distracts you when you're trying to write?

My husband. Books. Movies.

If you could write from any location, where would it be?

A sailboat in the islands, warm and sunny, fresh fruit, with a place to swim every day — I've done this three winters for a month, so I know it works.

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