Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Group

cave-912219_1920-e1463580307786The SF&F Group has been meeting at WriterHouse for eight years, the longest for any continuously meeting group. All meetings and activities are open for new members and for visitors to drop in and hear our flights of fancy.


Group interests span the entire field of ‘speculative fiction’, from hard SF and science fantasy, to sword and sorcery, magical realism and horror. Writing in these genres requires getting one’s reader to suspend disbelief about something totally unbelievable. This requires putting imaginary characters in settings that feel as familiar as talking to neighbors across the back fence.


Every meeting includes discussions on movies, books, authors, book fairs, courses, conventions, current writing trends, and our own writing, marketing, and publishing experiences. Members share their recent writing, reading aloud to the group short stories or excerpts from longer works.


The SFF meets every second Monday of the month at 7 P.M. at WriterHouse. Drop by to join or email