WriterHouse Testimonials

“Enjoy the homey atmosphere.”

“I love WriterHouse. I have decided to become a member.”

“It’s a lovely welcoming environment.”

“Always comfortable and welcoming.”

“I enjoy classes at WriterHouse.”

“Great environment.”

“Sunny and comfortable. Glad there’s coffee!”

“I like the space and time dedicated to the effort of writing. I like the quiet.”

“WriterHouse is perfect!”

“Love this place.”

“WriterHouse is lovely. Hope to come back.”

“I am just so glad WriterHouse exists. I am grateful to have a place to come and write and be around writers.”

“I am a huge WriterHouse fan. Thank you for fostering this unique community; it’s completely revolutionized what has otherwise been a relatively lonely hobby for me.”

“Easy, laid-back environment, relaxed room, chill atmosphere.”

“It was easy to register for class. The topics offered are often engaging.”

“Everything about WriterHouse is easy: the location is convenient for someone who lives in town, there’s ample parking, and the break room is lovely.”

“Great institution. Love the camaraderie, the exchange of knowledge, the feedback. No way I would have started writing in this way without WriterHouse.”

“I love the camaraderie and professionalism of WriterHouse. Bravo!”

“Love the environment. Wonderful class, facility and learning environment.”