Creative Writing Camp for Kids

Session I: Monday-Friday, July 11-July 15, 2016 | 1:00 – 5:00pm
Session II: Monday-Friday, July 18-July 22, 2016 | 1:00 -5:00pm

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Session 1 Camps:

KidsCampPix-3Grades 3-5: Story Camp with Terry LevinsonTSL photo for WriterHouse

All of us need to discover the power of our words and have an avenue for expression. During this fun week of camp, we start by creating personal journals (oh, the messes we will make!), then fill them with our poetry and writing, photos, “poefitti” and art. To perk our inner writers, we host a visiting author, take field trips downtown, and stimulate our senses through music and tasty desserts. Other experiences include writing activities with the older campers, and giving our gift of words to the community. Lively performance readings conclude our week; don’t step on the instruments!

CampGrades 6-8: Writing Circle with Jen BuckettJen Buckett

In Writing Circle, we focus on using sensory detail, creating characters, developing an interesting plot, and more! Students can apply the exercises we do in class and on field trips to the genre of their choice. We go to the McGuffey Art Museum and pretend we are sitting inside paintings; we steal dialogue on the Downtown Mall; we explore used books shops for language we can borrow and look at microfiche to find forgotten stories! This camp is a place where kids who love to tell stories will find inspiration and an audience; we devote a lot of time to giving each other feedback and appreciating each other’s work. I love coming back to camp again and again because I am always re-inspired to see things differently and challenge myself as a writer.


Abigale BaumGrades 9-12 and 2016 Graduates with Abigale BaumWriting Classes

In a world that is increasingly colored by diversions and distractions, how do we, as artists, learn to leverage inspiration? This five-day intensive study will be situated in the study of that seemingly elusive muse: inspiration. The course will seek to locate a beginning point for each member, appropriate to wherever he or she currently finds him or herself as a writer, and we will work forward from there. We will practice the ways in which we can draw from our surroundings (through day trips), each other, research, and other artists, all in service of uncovering the idea that inspiration is not something that happens to us, but rather something we can actively create. All levels and genres of writers welcome: the course will use fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, song, graphic art, and film as model texts for investigation.

Camp Outing

Session 2 Camps:

Robin Albertson-WrenGrades 3-5 with Robin Albertson-WrenIMG_6090

Come enjoy a week immersed in poetry! We will be reading poems, studying various styles and creating our own. We will be inspired by stories in verse, local artists, and downtown venues and even by making homemade ice cream!

“To make Poetry is to recognize a song in your heart, and put it into words.” –Robin Albertson-Wren

Erin James

Grades 6-8: Writing Circle with Erin JamesKid's Camp

During this week, young writers will explore the craft and fun of creative writing through a variety of prompts, journaling, music, brainstorming, people-watching and visits to inspiring spots nearby. Modes of expression and experimentation will include poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and more! Throughout the week, we will learn about and participate in all elements of the writing workshop process from start to finish, sharing and receiving ideas and refining our work. At the end of the week, each young writer will publish a piece in a journal of collected works from this exciting week of writing!

Marcel Proust said “the real voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes,” and that element of “re-seeing” and re-imagining the familiar from other perspectives is definitely a theme for my approach for the week. –Erin James


Camp DraftingGrades 6-8: Building Better Stories with Hannah BarnabyHannah Barnaby

The architecture of stories is simple: combine characters, setting, and obstacles and stir them up until something happens. A better understanding of how these building blocks work together makes for a more confident and capable writer. If your son or daughter loves to read and write creatively, this workshop is for them! We’ll use in-class writing exercises and out-of-class field trips (walking to the McGuffey Art Center and the downtown mall) to observe our city and spark ideas for new stories. Whatever form they like best–poetry, short stories, or novels–your young writer will find new levels of skill and inspiration in the week we spend together.

I believe that writing can be taught. Too often, the perception of published authors is that they must possess some secret formula or higher knowledge about writing. The truth is that we all start from the same place and we must all learn the same rules and techniques—by breaking down familiar texts into character, plot, rising and falling action, protagonist and antagonist, I have guided students of all ages and levels into a better understanding of their own work. And ultimately, deeper familiarity with these elements helps to build my students’ trust in their own instincts as writers so that the writing itself becomes second nature. –Hannah Barnaby

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Limit: 10 students per age group, per session. Snacks and walks outside will be incorporated into the daily activities. At the end of the writing camp session, we’ll have a reading for parents and friends. Each writer will be published in our writing camp magazine. Fee includes snacks, writer’s notebook, and one copy of the magazine.

All instructors are teachers with creative writing experience.

All camp sessions will be held at WriterHouse, 508 Dale Ave., Charlottesville, behind the Preston Ave Bodo’s Bagels. 434-296-1922,


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On or before March 20th= $200

On or before May 1st= $220

On or before June 1st = $235

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Payments made via Paypal include a Paypal and administrative fee. Registrations via check, cash, and money order are accepted.

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