Brendan Wolfe


Brendan Wolfe is a professional genealogist and the author of three books, including Finding Bix: The Life and Afterlife of a Jazz Legend, about a journey the New York Times kindly noted was “well worth reading about.” His personal essays and reviews have been published in Colorado Review, The Morning News, VQR, and Mud Season Review, among others. For twelve years Wolfe edited Encyclopedia Virginia, and has written numerous historical essays, including “History Writ Aright” and “The Train at Wood’s Crossing,” the latter of which was honored by Bunk magazine as the best historical narrative of 2019. It will be included in an anthology of essays about lynching forthcoming from the University of Virginia Press. Wolfe lives in Charlottesville with his daughter, Beatrix.


“Brendan was an awesome instructor. He allowed the participants to freely share their insights as well as offering his own thoughts. He would also lead meaningful discussion around the works that were submitted.”

“I would emphasize Brendan’s amazing ability to workshop pieces and keep the conversation going. I also would mention the very sharp ‘reader’s eye’ with which he reads one’s writing.”

“He was great — awesome feedback in class and in writing. Brendan had constructive things to say, even about the most challenging writing.”

“He has a humorous, yet serious tone that’s perfect. Fun class!”

“He was good at bringing in his own experience.”

“Brendan gave very concise, specific, concrete feedback.”