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Chris Register is the author of Conversations With US – Great Lakes States and Conversations With US – American Southwest, published by his company, Spoke & Word Books. Before focusing full-time on writing, Chris served in the Peace Corps, graduated Georgetown Law, and litigated multiparty cases in federal court. He lives with his dog Banjo in Charlottesville, Virginia, where he also runs a writers’ critique group.


“Chris is a very animated and well-prepared instructor. He used many good teaching tools, engaging even in this online environment.”

“Chris presented well, is very amiable, and covered the material and made it fun.”

“Chris is a knowledgeable and outgoing group leader. He rode herd on 11-12 participants, kept control of the progress of the meeting, yet was able to provide time to respond to individual queries of the participants. He became fully acquainted with the members of his group, recalling details of their interests and background.”

“Chris did an outstanding job of teaching the class. He prepared excellent outlines that we received in advance of the class. He gave outstanding feedback and direction to each of us.”

“Chris was organized, dynamic and skilled at keeping things on track. He did a good job of accommodating the needs and backgrounds of a disparate group of students. He was honest about areas he was not informed on.”

“While I expected to learn primarily about self-publishing, I also learned about traditional publishing. I was surprised to find out that we would be tasked to create our own 12-month writing plans for presentation to the group. This was a very useful, practical aspect of the class that made such a goal seem possible.”

“I would definitely recommend this course to a friend. Chris is very knowledgeable and a gregarious group leader. He possesses a world of experience about this topic.”

“I would definitely take another class with this instructor.”