Emily Thiede is the author of THE LAST FINESTRA, a young adult fantasy novel coming Summer 2022 from Wednesday Books/MacMillan USA and LYX in Germany. Before becoming a full-time author, she taught in Title 1 public schools, and she currently channels her passion for education and writing by serving as a PitchWars mentor and as co-host of the Basic Pitches podcast. As an alumna of both the PitchWars and Author Mentor Match programs, Emily is an active member of the YA community and hosts the monthly happy hour events at WriterHouse. When she isn’t writing, she fosters kittens through an animal rescue organization. You can find her online at




“If a friend is interested in ever being published, they should take this class. Writing the query letter can be started early, so it’s never too early to learn about it.”

“Emily was well-prepared, focused, and had useful handouts.”

“Emily’s great. Probably would have benefitted from 2-3 sessions since there is so much material.”

“Good at being specific on how to get good information and how to improve a query letter.”

“Her enthusiasm was contagious and her proximity to the publishing world and social media is valuable.” 

“Her exercise in telling MG, YA, and Adult apart was good. Her book recommendations were good, too.”

“I would highly recommend it for someone interested in writing for these (young) audiences, or someone interested in learning what makes it different than writing for adults.”