Portrait of Jodi Hobbs Hesler by Sarah Cramer Shields


Jody Hobbs Hesler’s debut story collection, What Makes You Think You’re Supposed to Feel Better, is forthcoming from Cornerstone Press, November 2023, and her debut novel, Without You Here, is forthcoming from Flexible Press, November 2024. Her other writing includes short fiction, feature articles, essays, and book reviews, which can be found in a range of journals including The Millions, Atticus ReviewArts & LettersCRAFTPithead ChapelGargoyleRaleigh ReviewThe Georgia Review[PANK]Valparaiso Fiction Review, Virginia Wine & Country Life, and elsewhere. She holds an MFA in fiction from Lesley University. Learn more about her writing at



“Jody is an excellent instructor. Her ability to provide robust feedback on the spot is impressive, despite the myriad writing styles of her students.”

“Jody is so knowledgeable about the craft of writing!!!! She gave us lots of nuggets, such as ‘In any writing, you want a mix of expectations met and expectations thwarted.'”

“Jody kept to the schedule and managed the responses to each writer well and fairly, offering insights for taking these quick pieces further and inviting responses from the participants. It was a lot of fun, and she kept things light-hearted but also gave constructive suggestions about writing.”

“Jody is a very accomplished instructor, is able to easily convey information about writing techniques and processes, a wealth of information. I applaud her willingness to create this new format.”

“Jody was great. She was incredibly welcoming from the start and she was very supportive with everyone. Her suggestions to each writer helped every writer taking the class.”

“Very good in directing class comments to the non-personal. Excellent in providing examples and valuable tips in handouts.”

“I sincerely feel that Jody is one of the most effective writing teachers. She is well-prepared and has good material and is masterfully aware of her students.”

“I learned a great deal about writing creative nonfiction for an adult audience, particularly about personal essay.”

“I would tell a friend that the class was intellectually stimulating and that I learned a lot. I would definitely recommend it.”