WriterHouse Testimonials

“What I enjoy most about my experience with WriterHouse is the support of a writing tribe.”

“Enjoy the homey atmosphere.”

“I love WriterHouse. I have decided to become a member.”

“It’s a lovely welcoming environment.”

“Always comfortable and welcoming.”

“I enjoy classes at WriterHouse.”

“Great environment.”

“Sunny and comfortable. Glad there’s coffee!”

“I like the space and time dedicated to the effort of writing. I like the quiet.”

“WriterHouse is perfect!”

“Love this place.”

“WriterHouse is lovely. Hope to come back.”

“I am just so glad WriterHouse exists. I am grateful to have a place to come and write and be around writers.”

“I am a huge WriterHouse fan. Thank you for fostering this unique community; it’s completely revolutionized what has otherwise been a relatively lonely hobby for me.”

“Easy, laid-back environment, relaxed room, chill atmosphere.”

“It was easy to register for class. The topics offered are often engaging.”

“Everything about WriterHouse is easy: the location is convenient for someone who lives in town, there’s ample parking, and the break room is lovely.”

“Great institution. Love the camaraderie, the exchange of knowledge, the feedback. No way I would have started writing in this way without WriterHouse.”

“I love the camaraderie and professionalism of WriterHouse. Bravo!”

“Love the environment. Wonderful class, facility and learning environment.”

“WriterHouse is incredible–such an asset to this community.”

“WriterHouse is a gift in my life.”

“WriterHouse does great work in making the students comfortable and happy.”

“WriterHouse is a treasure for the literary community in Charlottesville. I so enjoyed my creative nonfiction and memoir courses as well as the active writing community that WriterHouse has built. If you are seasoned or writer or a novice, WriterHouse can help you pursue your interest in writing with high-quality teachers who are compassionate and students who are interested as you are in writing.”–Renata Louwers, WriterHouse student and member

“Two years ago, I attempted my first NaNoWriMo. With no previous writing experience, I pounded out a 60k word rough (very rough!) draft. A few months later I signed up for a class at WriterHouse. I learned so much, so quickly. Over the following months, I took more classes and refined my manuscript. A year later I submitted it to PitchWars, a highly competitive, international competition. Out of nearly 3000 applicants, 160 were chosen (including me!) to work one-on-one with a published author followed by a showcase with literary agents. I know the only reason I was able to go from a newbie writer to having interest from top literary agents in 18 months was because of the lessons I learned at WriterHouse. So thank you, WriterHouse! “–Emily Thiede, WriterHouse student and member

“In each class, a small community is easily created. I am so grateful I’ve found WriterHouse. It’s just what I need/want right now and here it was!”

“Grateful to be a small part of this writing community and have WriterHouse promoting, supporting and sustaining!”

I joined WriterHouse last summer. I was feeling lost, I didn’t know what to do with my writing. I hated my writing. I wanted to give up. And then I remembered hearing about this place in Cville where they offered classes! I signed up for 2 classes and have since signed up for another, and am looking into writing coaching! I found the inspiration I need through WH. And I’ve met some great people through them that I would not have met otherwise. And while I am still a very slow writer, I feel like I have more purpose now. Like I might actually finish something! Having spent the last 15 years circling the drain, Writer House has helped me set all the negativity I had formed in my mind aside and gave me the motivation to move forward. –Valerie Mitchell

“I have taken many classes at the WriterHouse and find the environment very embracing.”